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Whats's New

Launch of All-Plastic LED Luminaires using Graphene Modified Thermally Conductive Plastic (March, 2014)

Here comes our latest development of All-Plastic LED Luminaires with industrial leading Graphene as core material for heat dissipation. Unlike other manufacturers, our plastic pellets contain neither Ceramic nor Aluminum Oxide, excel in light weight and excellent mechanical strength as traditional PA6 and PC, yet very cost-efficient and utterly reliable.

A range of products including E27/A19 LED Light Bulb (3W, 5W, 7W, 9W & 11W), GU10 LED Spot Light (5W) and LED Down Light/Spot Light (3", 4", 5" & 6") are now available!

The time has come! LED Lamps now selling CHEAPER that Energy Saving Lamps! (June, 2013)

Launch of 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W E27 LED Light Bulb. By using revolutionary THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE PLASTIC to replace Aluminium Alloy as the media for heat dissipation, material and production cost have been dramatically reduced; together with tier 1 support from our LED light sources suppliers, our LED luminaires have entered an era to replace traditional lighting in every aspects: price (same or lower) energy saving (over 50%) and reliability (triple lifetime). (datasheet coming soon)

Launch of 24W D18 LED Spot Light, a TRUE replacement of 75W CDM-T (December, 2012)

With a very promosing performance at extremely low power consumption, we have again demonstrated the immense potential of Oslon CQ7P in real life application. A benchmark setting product, again.

Launch of second generation LED Downlight covering the demand in 6", 8" and 10" retrofit market (April, 2012)

Exceptional lumen output and ruggedness with Oslon CQ7P LED to replace 2x13W, 2x18W and 2x26W CFL downlights.

Launch of second generation T8 LED tube (March, 2012)

By adopting new generation 3328 LED in replace of 3528, marterial cost has been dramatically reduced while overall performance remains unchanged.

Launch of 200W LED Flood Light (October, 2011)

A benchmark setting product with class leading 18200lm@6000k CCT.

Launch of 8W MR16 Spot Light, a TRUE replacement of traditional 50W halogen lamp (September, 2011)

We have answered the question for continuous demand of a TRUE 50W halogen lamp replacement. With the launch of 8W MR16 Spot Light, now customers can take full advantage of LED without compromising on inferior brightness.

Launch of Second Generation MR16 Spot Light with industrial leading lumen output (August, 2011)

With Osram Oslon CQ7P rolling out of production line in 2Q this year, we have immediately switched the light source of our best-selling MR16 Spot Light form Golden Dragon Plus to Oslon with a throughoutly redesigned lens (over 93% translucency) to complete the advantage of this new product, results in a prominent lumen output: 290lm@3000k CCT.

Launch of Second Generation Factory Downlight - IDL102 (June, 2011)

Following the very successful IDL101, we have recently launched a low cost version factory downlight IDL102 which is customized for factories where lower luminance intensity are required.

With equally outstanding energy efficiency as IDL101, IDL102 is an alternative for customer who looking for shorter payback period while the benefit of huge saving on electricity (>70%) over traditional T8 preserved.

Launch of 8 inch LED Downlight - R150 (May, 2011)

Thanks to continual development of Osram Oslon CP7P LED, we have increased the CRI by about 12% (>85) compared with our previous generation while power consumption is down by 8% further.