Green Lights, Better Life

Our Vision

Energy saving has been the hottest topic around the globe these days, among those new technologies, LED is the most up-and-coming solution that shall revolutionize the world of lighting, thanks to it’s substantial saving on electricity, relatively low initial investment and short payback period.

Our Vision is to become one of the most trusted provider for LED luminaries, excels in relability and SUSTAINABLE energy saving.

Our Values

Light pollution, a by-product of modernization in developed countries, has created enormous problem in our planet, say vanishing night, energy waste and green house effect for instance. Environmentalists have been protesting against it for years but virtually no measure has been taken to reduce it's impact, let alone any corrective action plan in forseeable future.

When the world is moving forward, we knew there are things that cannot be undone.

At iBrain, we seek alternative approachs to consume less energy in our everyday life, with LED lighting solutions in aspects of consumer and industrial as portal of Energy Conservation.